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domingo, 24 de mayo de 2009

Orion Platinum Beowulf Hero Come Home remix

En Route I Will Be OK remix - [.Orion Platinum project video.] - by Jacob Talkington

Music released under the following Creative Commons license: Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported. Response to my new tracks lately has been really encouraging - this is the first in what will be a series of videos showing how each song was made, as well as information about the track itself, plugins used, etc.
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jacob talkington en route will be ok remix orion platinum phreque music sony vegas

domingo, 10 de mayo de 2009

how to combine trance kit adding psy melody & bass with orion not Fruity loops darklectronic music

How to make dark trance? how to make psy-trance? ¿como hacer dark trance?, not in Reason, Fruity Loops, Ableton Live, Sonar, Cubase, Logic, Acid, adobe Audition. Pro Tools, ONLY ORION ¿Como hacer musica electronica?, tips secretos de produccion de musica dark psy-trance & bass no en fruity loops, sino en orion platinum, mostrando un proyecto en tiempo real... con limitantes de memoria para ejecutarlo... un video basico y essencial mostrando lo que se puede hacer en orion, con audio de voz imperfecto para crear una atmosfera de radio en onda corta... que sube y baja.. how to make music in minutes or hours?.. real proyect.. originals productions... hacer musica, hacer trance, hacer dark hard trance, estilos darklectronico, produciendo musica desde Esteli, Nicaragua [FORG]creador de musica darklectronica
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how to make music fruity loops fl studio orion tips secrets hacer musica vsti synths djforg

Sidechain-Controlled Gate orion platinum

The gate effect makes it very easy to chop pads
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Music Software Orion Platinum Synapse Audio pop

Buscar Subir * Archivo de vídeo * Captura rápida Vangelis - Blade Runner (short trance mix)

I created this mix ,just for fun.
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Ext. LFOs driving Korg Legacy tutoriales para el orion platinum

Demonstrates the use of MoCon8LFO to modulate the Korg Legacy VSTi plug-in. MoCon8LFO is a perfect match to Korg Legacy as each instance of MoCon has 8 LFO slots 2 instances therefore provides an exact total external LFO count to the surface controls of Legacy.

You cant see too well in the video, but legacy is exposing it's CC assignments to me (a feature you access by right clicking the logo) Not mentioned in the blurb also is the host is Orion Platinum 7, using a custom skin i rolled, and the subhost inside of orion is EnergyXT v1.41.

EnergyXT -
Orion -
MoCon8LFO -
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VST LFO modulation external korg legacy

Orion 7 - Automation Cutoff Filter using vst FM7

Automation Cutoff Filter in Synapse Orion 7
download the better quality
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Music Software Orion Platinum Synapse

Creating darklectronic music (dark-psy-industrial-hardstyle-trance) making music with synapse orion

How to create a dark song piano melody and enigmatic sound (dark hard trance gothic gotic leads gothic voice, voz gotica subliminal sound hardstyle psychedelic bass & enigmatic sound)
video tutorial orion platinum,
no(fruity loops, reason, cubase, ableton, logic pro, storm, another sequencer) como crear una melodia misteriosa enigmatica en musica electronica dark... [FORG]creador de musica darklectronica (2004-2007) orion tutorial no fl studio aprende a hacer musica como hacer musica, how to make music, djforg secrets reveal, prgresion loops, loops progressive darky sound
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halloween dj forg dark music hardtrance darkstyle fl studio orion make easy how to hacer musica

Alt+F4 -Alt +F4 Chords with WaspXT (Orion Platinum 7 )

Alt+F4 -Alt +F4 Chords with WaspXT (Orion Platinum 7 )

Peter Silverwood - German Demonstration of Orion Platinum RMB with Reality 1996 electronic music how to use orion platinum german

using toxic...

A demonstration of melodic trance, a old Melody was used, inspired by RMB with Reality.
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rmb trance peter silverwood reality cool orion platinum german tutorial electronic unsigned world music

how to make Trance Session (Orion) synapse orion platinum

Small session
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Orion Platinum Music Software

Dexconium - COF, produced with Synapse Orion Platinum

i work with different sequencer-software, but the
fast workflow with synapses orion is a burner.
23 vst-slots and 1 audiofile in the project, the power of the 3 ghz intel dual core. The ''guitar'' in the song is a vst-synth with a nice distortion.
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synapse orion dexconium industrial electro ebm 80's

Orion Platinum Tutorial 2

Orion Platinum Tutorial 1 how to use fruity loops