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sábado, 24 de enero de 2009

Ext. LFOs driving Korg Legacy

Demonstrates the use of MoCon8LFO to modulate the Korg Legacy VSTi plug-in. MoCon8LFO is a perfect match to Korg Legacy as each instance of MoCon has 8 LFO slots 2 instances therefore provides an exact total external LFO count to the surface controls of Legacy.

You cant see too well in the video, but legacy is exposing it's CC assignments to me (a feature you access by right clicking the logo) Not mentioned in the blurb also is the host is Orion Platinum 7, using a custom skin i rolled, and the subhost inside of orion is EnergyXT v1.41.

EnergyXT -
Orion -
MoCon8LFO -
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Alt+F4 -Alt +F4 Chords with WaspXT (Orion Platinum 7 )

little demo of orion platinum

this software just like FL studio. is easy to use.
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sábado, 10 de enero de 2009

Auto Tracking EQ free orion platinum tutoriales

e the auto tracking EQ to improve mixes easily.
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jueves, 1 de enero de 2009

The Art Of Glitch - Steven West

those who wondered 'How does he do it', here's a small taste for you! Originally done around 2003/2004 as a contest entry for Smart Electronix (But had to be excluded due to use of WaspXT)
And no, your computer or iPod is not messing up or ready to explode on you. That's the glitch of it.
Comprised from use of about 98% of Smart's offerings. I'll try to point out in the video the goods, but for a full run down here, they are;


Whilst many of the audio clips were pre-processed with;

DFX Buffer Override
Sync EQ
DFX Polarizer
DFX Geometer

No additional mixing or mastering effects were used. and the video and music are pretty well 'what you see is what you get'. Though I do put a little more work into my more 'serious offerings'. LOL
So for those that said it could never be done, you just saw Steven West live! Well, 6 years after the fact. But as my momma always said 'Better late than never'.
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